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Professional Hypnosis

Kirsten Garbini

Hypnosis in not what you think…

It’s not barking on a stage like the old days. It is about the science behind knowing your neuro- chemistry is impacted by your thinking. It’s about knowing your mind-body connection directs your ability and success in every area of your life. It’s not surprising that it says “be transformed by the renewal of your mind” in Romans 12.


from me

As a qualified and accredited executive coach and life/enneagram coach with more than 2000 coaching hours, I am committed to supporting you with the process that suits you best. My clients range from CEOs of large, listed companies to high performing international athletes. Everybody wants to win. Sports hypnosis is my specialist focus. I work with people who have already made the decision that they want to change, in online and in-person sessions. My preferred modality is hypnosis because it provides such a deep, lasting route to RAPID transformation, and my clients have consistently reported excellent long-term results. Contact me for a connection session and experience the power of change.

The kind of life you live tomorrow begins in your mind today.

Send me a WhatsApp or an email and let’s arrange a chat about what’s possible and when we could begin.


What I Offer

Be renewed. Transformation

Something may have bothered you for many years, or you may be going through a life transition, and this may bring you to this threshold. You are committed to addressing this burden. You are willing to spend three 90-minute sessions to renew your mind and re-frame your thinking, experiencing the life changing benefit of hypnosis for yourself and those you love.

Find your

Create your own individualised coaching / hypnosis plan over six 90-minute sessions. This is a make-over journey for your inner and outer life. After completing a detailed survey we put your personal transformation plan together, so you can become who you really are, free of the mental blocks that are holding you back. Step into your promised land. This series is popular with leaders and high performers who seek to achieve even more.

Winning in the zone

Work with us to change your mental conditioning and operate in the zone of flow and high performance. Together with my partner, Ingrid Hurwitz, an international, and specialist professional enneagram coach, you can change your performance trajectory, and achieve your sporting and athletic goals. This requires a commitment to a number of sessions of hypnosis, thoughtware repatterning TM and intense coaching that will prepare you for new athletic breakthroughs.


Design your own

Hypnosis is a state where you can begin to reprogram your subconscious mind, so you no longer feel the impulse to smoke that cigarette or eat that piece of cake. It is also a state where you have such focused and concentrated attention that you can begin to alter your subjective perception of things and give your inner mind the perfect messages. Let’s design your personal programme to get the results you want and achieve the change you desire.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

1 WhatsApp me to set up a free pre-hypnosis introduction session
2 Complete my client onboarding form, and email it back
3.Choose your best time for a 90-minute session
4.Make payment to confirm your booking
5.Live the benefits, immediately able to impact your life.


My sessions are exclusively tailored to suit your personal aspirations and each one lasts approximately 90 minutes. The first 20-minutes involves conversational talk-therapy and the second 70-minutes involves deep trance hypnosis.

The price of a single 90 hypnosis session R1300.00.
The benefits of three sessions are significant as we are able to do deep work and three sessions cost R3900

If you wish to pay by credit card you will have to register online with Paypal (this only takes a few minutes and can be done during your first appointment).

Payment must be received before the session to confirm your booking.

Remind me …what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a state it’s a process. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that proves hypnosis can induce a state of accelerated healing when used correctly. Studies involving brain scans show that remarkable changes occur in our brain when we are hypnotized. It can correct faulty beliefs, accelerate physical healing and reduce negative emotions. Hypnosis is becoming an increasingly integral part of medicine & psychotherapy.

• It’s a state of concentrated attention;
• Where you are more receptive to suggestion;
• Where you bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind;
• Where accelerated rapid change is possible
• Where we can educate and communicate with our subconscious mind, that deep more elemental part of our being.
Your subconscious is the realm where hypnosis allows rapid change:
• It is the realm of your imagination and of your emotions;
• It is the realm of your heart-beat, respiration, immune system and other instinctual and physiological processes;
• Its an unconscious place where your beliefs and limitations were programmed into you;
• Where your impulses arise;
• It’s the realm of your deeper, more authentic self;

Medical approval and no side effects

Hypnosis was approved by the British Medical Association in 1955, the American Medical Association in 1958, and the Canadian Medical Association in 1959. It was even approved by Pope Pius XII in 1956 (for the relief of pain during childbirth).

And unlike other treatments, hypnosis cannot lead to an infection or overdose. It has no toxic side-effects. It does not conflict with any medication you may be taking. It is safe and 100% natural.

What to Expect When You Come for A Session

You sit comfortably on a chair with soft lighting. The soothing sound of ocean surf is playing in the background. Kirsten starts to speak to you in a gentle, though resonant tone.

Perhaps asking you to imagine you see the number ten as you begin to let go of all the tension in your forehead and eyebrows.
Kirsten’s voice might even grow more and more distant. Perhaps you notice your body feels like it is either floating or sinking deeper and deeper as you gradually realize you have now become pleasantly detached from your surroundings.
Slip into the realm of the imagination…
You might even feel the voice flow as it leads you further and further inwards until you reach the point where your conscious mind effortlessly steps aside. Allowing your subconscious – the part that has really been guiding and protecting you since you were a tiny seed of light – to take control.
Then as you move deeper into this profound state, you might find yourself relaxing even more. Perhaps more than you have ever done. And while the voice continues to gently guide you, you find yourself effortlessly slipping into the realm of imagination and emotions. And you become deeply receptive to helpful suggestions.
And as you move even deeper into trance, you find your ability to focus is so powerful that whatever image, memory or emotion that arises within you becomes real and vivid.
Then when you finally emerge you will find yourself feeling relaxed and restored. Perhaps with new insights and a growing sense of confidence in your ability to live a richer, more fulfilled life.

What is

Sports hypnosis?

Ray Wicksell Professional Athlete and Brand Champion
This refers to the use of hypnotherapy with athletes in order to enhance sporting performance. Hypnosis in sports has therapeutic and performance-enhancing functions.[1] The mental state of athletes during training and competition is said to impact performance.[1] Hypnosis is a form of mental training[2] and can therefore contribute to enhancing athletic execution. Sports hypnosis is used by professional athletes to increase metal conditioning and performance.

How can professional athletes benefit from hypnosis?

People ask:
Does hypnosis work for sports?
Hypnosis is one of several techniques that athletes may employ to accomplish their sporting goals and it is equally beneficial to coaches as well as athletes. Hypnosis may do for the mind what physical activity does for the body of an athlete. Hypnosis may also help to control anxiety and manage stress in athletes

What is the success rate of hypnotherapy?
Reportedly, hypnosis has a 93% success rate with fewer sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy, according to research studies.

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